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Volume 12: 2013-14 Academic Year

Sept 4, 2013 Vol. 12, No. 1: Google colloquium, New faculty, Ice Cream Social, Math Club, Grad School Meeting, Math in the News: Mathematical Furniture, and an octadecagonal POTF.
Sept 20, 2013 Vol. 12, No.2: Math Ed colloquium, New faculty, Math Club news, Study math abroad, Math in the News: Determining authorship, Pictures from ice cream social, and a limited POTF.
Oct 2 , 2013 Vol. 12, No.3: Math Ed and Geometry colloquia, Colloquium schedule, Math Club news, Study math abroad, Putnam and MATH Challenge, Biostats opportunity, Math in the News: Politics and Math, and a seating problem of the fortnight.
Oct 17 , 2013 Vol. 12, No.4: Geometry colloquium, Colloquium schedule, MATH Challenge, Biostats opportunity, Math in the News: Don't go to the best college you can get into, and a polygonal stacking problem of the fortnight.
Nov 4 , 2013 Vol. 12, No.5: Cryptology colloquium, Colloquium schedule, Math in the News: Simpson's do math, and a jumping problem of the fortnight.
Nov 15 , 2013 Vol. 12, No.6: Geometry and Spot It! colloquia, Math in the News: Beauty of Mathematics, and a tangential problem of the fortnight.
Dec 2 , 2013 Vol. 12, No.7: Math/Science Education May Term class offered, Math in the News: Will math make you rich?, and a race-walking problem of the fortnight.
Jan 17, 2014 Vol. 12, No.8: Four colloquia in two-weeks announcment, Math/Science Education May Term class offered, Math in the News: Math/Snow Art, a parabolic problem of the fortnight.
Jan 31, 2014 Vol. 12, No.9: Pool and Pastries, Michigan Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Statistics Showcase, Math in the News: Math Bites, a chicken and egg problem of the fortnight.
Feb 14 , 2014 Vol. 12, No.10: Circle Packing Colloquium, Pool and Pastries, Michigan Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Math in the News: How to date like a mathematician, a factorial problem of the fortnight.
Feb 28 , 2014 Vol. 12, No.11: Shortest Path Colloquium, Colloquuium schedule, Pool and Pastries Recap, Michigan Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Math in the News: Goldberg Polyhedra, a factorial problem of the fortnight.
Mar 24, 2014 Vol. 12, No.12: A mathematical-musical theory colloquium, A mathematical model for neurons colloquium, The Colloquium Schedule, GVSU's Mosaic Lecture, Math in the News: 1+2+3+...=-1/12, A circular-parabolic problem of the fortnight
Apr 4 , 2014 Vol. 12, No.13: A colloquium in 3D, Josh Kammeraad scores big on the Putnam, Math in the News: Candy Crush Saga is hard, a chocolate covered problem of the fortnight
Apr 17 , 2014 Vol. 12, No.14: A colloquium in 3D, Math in the News: What would Elvis do?, a Ken Ken problem of the fortnight
Apr 30 , 2014

Vol. 12, No.15: Congratulations graduates, Math Awards, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Problem Solvers of the Fortnight

Volume 11: 2012-13 Academic Year

Sept 14, 2012 Vol. 11, No. 1: Student presentations and awards at MathFest, Ice Cream Social, Math in the News: Serving a tennis ball, a dragonfly and two trains POTF.
Sept 28, 2012 Vol. 11, No. 2: Graph Theory Colloquium, MATH Challenge and Putnam Contest, Math in the News: Proof for the ABC Congecture, a poisoning POTF.
Oct 12 , 2012 Vol. 11, No. 3: Neural Networks and Baseball Colloquium, MATH Challenge, Math in the News: Friendship Paradox, an ice creamy POTF.
Oct 26 , 2012 Vol. 11, No. 4: The Algebra and Geometry of Flags Colloquium, Math in the News: In the Footsteps of Newton, a POTF that will send you packing.
Nov 9, 2012 Vol. 11, No. 5: Cornucopia of Student Research Colloquia, Students participate in MATH Challenge, Math in the News: Celebrating Martin Gardner's Birthday, a Maximizing POTF.
Nov 30, 2012 Vol. 11, No. 6: Roots of Riemann Zeta Function Colloquium, Math in the News: TED Talks, a Occluded POTF.
Jan 18 , 2013 Vol. 11, No. 7: Statistics graphics colloquium, Upcoming colloquia, Students present at math conferences, Math in the News: Math Museum opens, a sprialing POTF.
Feb 1 , 2013 Vol. 11, No. 8: Statistics and Math Ed colloquia, Upcoming colloquia, Statistics Showcase, Students attend Nebraska Math Conference, MUMC announcement, Mathematical Valentines, a sledding POTF.
Feb 15 , 2013 Vol. 11, No. 9: Cops and robber colloquium, MUMC announcement, Math in the News: Domino chain reactions, a square POTF.
Mar 1 , 2013 Vol. 11, No. 10: Math-bio colloquium, Upcoming colloquia, LMMC announcement, Math in the News: Love and the Drake equation, a sliced cubic POTF.
Mar 28 , 2013 Vol. 11, No. 11: Plynomial colloquium announcement, Upcoming colloquia, Student presentations at MASAL, Math education scholarship announcement, Math in the news: March Math Madness, A triangular-hexagonal problem of the fortnight
Apr 12 , 2013 Vol. 11, No. 12: Fractals colloquium announcement, Pi Mu Epsilon induction, Students compete in LMMC, Math education scholarship announcement, A tangential problem of the fortnight
Apr 26 , 2013 Vol. 11, No. 13: Congratulations graduates, student awards, problem solvers of the fortnight

Volume 10: 2011-12 Academic Year

Sept 14, 2011 Vol. 10, No. 1: Escher colloquium, Actuarial news, student researchers win award, MDY memorial, tau v pi, ice cream social, a backwards POTF.
Sept 28, 2011 Vol. 10, No. 2: Student Research colloquium, MDY's Mathemagicians participating in Relay for Life, Math Club Game Night, MATH Challenge and Putnam announcement, Math in the News: Enigma Machine, a timely POTF.
Oct 19 , 2011 Vol. 10, No. 3: Four color theorem and Lights Out colloquia, MDY's Mathemagicians participating in Relay for Life, MATH Challenge announcement, Math in the News: Twitter and the Flu, a weighty POTF.
Nov 2, 2011 Vol. 10, No. 4: MDY's Mathemagicians participating in Relay for Life, Math in the News: Rubik's Cube in the Classroom, a Buggy POTF.
Nov 16, 2011 Vol. 10, No. 5: Do Dogs know Calculus and Lights Out Colloquia, Students compete in MATH Challenge, Math Club News, a countable POTF.
Nov 30, 2011 Vol. 10, No. 6: Actuarial Colloquium, Math in the News: The Secrets of Archimedes Revealed, a black and white POTF.
Jan 27, 2012 Vol. 10, No. 7: Fish growth modeling colloquium, Upcoming colloquia, Stats Showcase, Math in the News: Google Graph, a familial POTF.
Feb 8 , 2012 Vol. 10, No. 8: Statistical genetics colloquium, Upcoming colloquia, Math in the News: Touch, a heart felt POTF.
Feb 22 , 2012 Vol. 10, No. 9: MMPC Awards Banquet, MUMC signup, Math Social Event, Math in the News: Do Birds Know Math?, a Unionized POTF.
Mar 7 , 2012 Vol. 10, No. 10: LMMC sign-up, Math in the News: Do birds know how to add?, a fishy POTF.
Mar 28 , 2012 Vol. 10, No. 11: Upcoming Colloquium, LMMC sign-up, Prof. Cinzori win teaching award, Math in the News: Travels with Tim, a dirty POTF.
Apr 11 , 2012 Vol. 10, No. 12: Pi Mu Epsilon induction, Research Celebration, Math in the News: Tylenol poisoning and caclulus, a pricey POTF.
Apr 27 , 2012 Vol. 10, No. 13: Congratulations seniors, Mathematics awards, LMMC wrapup.


Volume 9: 2010-11 Academic Year

Sept 8, 2010 Vol. 9, No. 1: Soothies and Fun event, MathFest 2010, Michigan Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, a POTF that is a real page-turner
Sept 20, 2010 Vol. 9, No. 2: Chaos Colloquium, Smoothies and Fun recap, Michigan Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Tiger pitcher, a timely POTF
Oct 4 , 2010 Vol. 9, No. 3: Knot Theory Colloquium, Putnam and MATH Challenge, Math in the News: Ipad Algebra, A Round Robin POTF
Oct 20 , 2010 Vol. 9, No. 4: Mathematical Biology and Career Colloquia, MATH Challenge, Math in the News: Mandelbrot, A POTF that is divisible by six
Nov 1 , 2010 Vol. 9, No. 5 : Actuarial and Combinatorics Colloquia, Math in the News: The Beauty of Euler's Identity, A POTF that is divisible by three
Nov 15 , 2010 Vol. 9, No. 6: Geometry and Elvis Colloquia, MATH Challenge Recap, Math for America, Math in the News: Shock Therapy, A Base 12 POTF
Nov 29 , 2010 Vol. 9, No. 7: Student Research Colloquium, Welcome Dane, Math in the News: HORSE, An integrating cubic POTF
Jan 17 , 2011 Vol. 9, No. 8: Geometry Colloquium, Colloquium Schdedule, Summer Research, Math in the News: Snowflakes, An book organizing POTF
Jan 31 , 2011 Vol. 9, No. 9: Game Theory Colloquium, Summer Research, Math on the Web: Vi Hart and Mathmatical Doodling, Statistics Showcase, An square POTF
Feb 16 , 2011 Vol. 9, No. 10: Selecting teams for NCAA BB Tourney Colloquium, Spring Social, Nebraska Conference, LMMC, Math in the News: Fish can count, A third of a POTF
Feb 28 , 2011 Vol. 9, No. 11: Euler's conjecture colloquium, Tintle wins teaching/mentoring award, Spring Social, LMMC, A $100 POTF
Mar 14 , 2011 Vol. 9, No. 12: Baseball Statistics colloquium, Math Biology colloquium, LMMC, Pi Day Online Fun, A Fly on a Dodecahedron POTF
Apr 5 , 2011 Vol. 9, No. 13: Graph Theory colloquium, Remaining opportunities for colloquium credit, Integration Confrontation, Putnam results, Math in Movies, a hard working POTF.
Apr 15 , 2011 Vol. 9, No. 14: Spiraling colloquium, Integration Confrontation, Summer research students named finalists for award, Math in the News: Paper Folding, a POTF that is as easy as pie.
May 5 , 2011 Vol. 9, No. 15: Congratulations graduates, Math Awards, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, Integration Confrontation Wrap Up, LMMC results, Students take road trip to NCTM Conference



Volume 8: 2009-10 Academic Year

Sept 10, 2009 Vol. 8, No. 1: Root beer float event, First colloquium, Students pass actuary exam, Welcome new faculty, Stephenson namesd to state chair, Tintle receives grant, Math book sale, an integeresting POTF
Sept 23, 2009 Vol. 8, No. 2: Theology and Bell Ringing Colloquia, Math Club Roundup, Putnam and MATH Challege, a Checkered POTF, Math book sale
Oct 8, 2009 Vol. 8, No. 3: Fibonnaci Colloquium, Integration Confrontation, Math Club News, Putnam and MATH Challege, A trip to Grandma's House POTF, Math book sale
Oct 28, 2009 Vol. 8, No. 4: Student Research and Cryptology Colloquia, Integration Confrontation Results, Math Club News, A Cubic Polynomial POTF
Nov 11 , 2009 Vol. 8, No. 5: Statistical Genetics and Adventure Colloquia, MATH Challenge Recap, Club News, A Palindromic POTF
Dec 2 , 2009 Vol. 8, No. 6: Actuarial Colloquium, MATH Challenge Results, Math Club Field Trip, A Paradoxical POTF
Jan 20 , 2010 Vol. 8, No. 7: Lights Out Colloquium, Teaching Award, Biostatistics Opportunity, Math Club News, Summer Research Opportunities, A POTF Stamp
Feb 3 , 2010 Vol. 8, No. 8: Polynomial and Mathematical Games Colloquia, Math in Action Conference, Statistics Showcase, Nebraska Conference, Math Club News, A Backpack POTF
Feb 24 , 2010 Vol. 8, No. 9: Hyperbolic Polygon and Mathematical Biology Colloquia, LMMC, Student passes actuarial exam, Art Benjamin, GRE prep, Math Club News, A Census POTF
Mar 10 , 2010 Vol. 8, No. 10: Actuarial Colloquium, LMMC, Student accepted in Biostats Program, Stephenson on Euclid, Spring Social Event, Math Club News, A powerful 2010 POTF
Mar 31 , 2010 Vol. 8, No. 11: Divsional Seminars, $100 colloquium, Research Celebration, Millennium Problem, Travels with Elvis, Tintle wins award, Spring Social Event, Math Club News, Unsolved Math Problem, TI-Nspire workshop, A sock POTF
Apr 14 , 2010 Vol. 8, No. 12: Birfurcation Colloquium, Pi Mu Epsilon, Research Celebration, Putnam Results, LMMC, Math Club News, A serial POTF
Apr 30 , 2010 Vol. 8, No. 13: Congratulations graduates, Mathematics and Math Ed Award Winners, Sigma Xi and Phi Beta Kappa, Student Research Award, Student Research Grant


Volume 7: 2008-09 Academic Year

Sept 3, 2008 Vol. 7, No. 1: Root Beer Float Extravaganza, Math Club News, Hope students shine at MathFest, Pennings wins Polya Award, Want to be an Actuary?, An eggcellent POTF, Baby, Baby, Baby
Sept 17, 2008 Vol. 7, No. 2: Voting and chord diagram colloquia, Problem solving time, MUMC, NumberADay blog, Math Club News, A vantastic POTF, Baby, Baby, Baby (the results)
Oct 2, 2008 Vol. 7, No. 3: Mathematical Jeopardy, Elvis Tour, Putnam, Problem solving time, MUMC, Another eggcellent POTF
Oct 22, 2008 Vol. 7, No. 4: Mathematical Jeopardy, Fibonacci and Actuarial Exam Colloquia, MUMC, A Radical POTF
Nov 5, 2008 Vol. 7, No. 5: Student Research and Calculus Gone Bad Colloquia, Undergraduate Research Symposium, Pie-cosahedron, a perfectly square POTF
Nov 19, 2008 Vol. 7, No. 6: Student Research Colloquium, Fermat's Last Theorem Colloquium, Trisecting a Square POTF
Jan 14, 2009 Vol. 7, No. 7: P2+P' Problem Colloquium, Statistics Colloquium, Mathematician = Best Job, Students take Putnam, A Triangular POTF
Jan 28, 2009 Vol. 7, No. 8: Two Math-Bio Colloquia, Math in Action, The Big Chill, LMMC, Stats Showcase, An Integrating POTF
Feb 18, 2009 Vol. 7, No. 9: Favorite Calculus Problem Colloquium, Students Pass Actuarial Exam, Nebraska Conference, Promotions, Statistics Text Published, Reuleaux Triangles, Another Integrating POTF
Mar 4 , 2009 Vol. 7, No. 10: Frequency Modulation and Lanczos Derivative Colloquia, LMMC Sign Up Information, a Latin Square POTF
Mar 25 , 2009 Vol. 7, No. 11: Sieve for Betweeness and Graph Theory Colloquia, LMMC Sign Up Information, problems, puzzles and pizza,a factoring POTF
Apr 1 , 2009 Vol. 7, No. 12: Bear on Campus, 1=2, Sleep number pi, Geometrical cereal, a classic POTF, We will Derive!
Apr 8 , 2009 Vol. 7, No. 13: RSK Puzzle, Dog vs. Calculus, and Wreath Product Colloquia, LMMC roundup, Pi Mu Epsilon, Research Celebration, Teaching Awards, a exponential POTF
Apr 24 , 2009 Vol. 7, No. 14: Congratulations graduates, Mathematics and Math Ed Award Winners, Sigma Xi and Phi Beta Kappa, Student Research Award, Student Research Grant


Volume 6: 2007-08 Academic Year

Sept 5, 2007 Vol. 6, No. 1: Root Beer Floats, Stephanie Edwards, Barber's Kids Problem, Tales from the South Pacific
Sept 19, 2007 Vol. 6, No. 2: Polynomial Colloquium, Pascal, Page Folding Problem, Janet Andersen Award
Oct 2, 2007 Vol. 6, No. 3: Army Worm and Volleyball Colloquia, MATH Challenge, Putnam, MUMC, Tetrahedron Problem, Mathematics on Campus
Oct 24, 2007 Vol. 6, No. 4: Mathematical Games and Referendum Elections Colloquia, Changes to Math 310, Three Roots Problem
Nov 7, 2007 Vol. 6, No. 5: Algebraic Geometry and Basal Problem Colloquia, Travels with Elvis, MUMC and MATH Challenge Recap, MAA-You Tube Challenge, Sequence POTF
Nov 28, 2007 Vol. 6, No. 6: Integration Bee, Summer Research, Ripley's Believe it or Not!. Science and Ethics, Slips of Paper POTF
Jan 16, 2008 Vol. 6, No. 7: Statistical Genetics and Pi Colloquia, Integration Bee and MATH Challenge results, Summer Research, Bowlizza, Math Club, Daly wins award, Parallelogram POTF
Jan 31, 2008 Vol. 6, No. 8: Statistics and Career Colloquia, Summer Research, Bowlizza, Math Club t-shirt contest, A very integrating POTF, A letter for Elvis
Feb 20, 2008 Vol. 6, No. 9: Mathematical Philosophy and Mime-matics Colloquia, Scholarship Opportunity, Memorizing Pi, Math t-shirt announcement, Special challenge problem, and Log equation POTF, Another letter for Elvis
Mar 5, 2008 Vol. 6, No. 10: Better slide colloquium, LMMC announcement, pf POTF, Greetings from Ryan Johnson
Mar 26, 2008 Vol. 6, No. 11 : Actuarial and Outer Billiards Colloquia, LMMC Announcement, an exponentially hard POTF, Tim turns 50
April 1, 2008 Vol. 6, No. 12: Students win prestigious award, Math Prof has PhD revoked, Where are the Math Club T-shirts?
April 9 , 2008 Vol. 6, No. 13: Philosophy, Quaternions, Sodoku, and Painting Complex Numbers Colloquia, LMMC and Putnam recap, a counting POTF, Elvis answers a trig question.
April 25 , 2008 Vol. 6, No. 14: Congratulation Seniors, Mathematics Awards, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa

Volume 5: 2006-07 Academic Year





Sept 6, 2006 Vol. 5, No. 1: Root Beer Floats, Grigory Perelman, High IQ Society, Adding Problem
Sept 20, 2006 Vol. 5, No. 2: Tiling and Class Number Colloquia, Art of Math at GVSU, Bridge Problem, Root Beer Floats wrap up
Oct 4, 2006 Vol. 5, No. 3: Bifurcation and Math Stories from the Hill Colloquia, MUMC, MATH Challenge, Polynomial Problem, Soccer questions
Oct 18, 2006 Vol. 5, No. 4: Dropping Scores and Math Stories from the Hill Colloquia, MUMC, MATH Challenge, Welcome Dorian, Real Root Problem, Ig Nobel
Nov 1, 2006 Vol. 5, No. 5: Student Research Colloquia, MUMC and MATH Challenge Recap, Triangle Path Problem, Pi and 300! questions
Nov 15, 2006 Vol. 5, No. 6: Actuary Colloquium, Students publish papers, Andersen Memorial, Chomp Problem
Nov 29, 2006 Vol. 5, No. 7: Random Polygon Colloquium, Golf Team Problem, Maggie the Mathematical Dog
Jan 17, 2007 Vol. 5, No. 8: Mapping Genes Colloquium, Sudoku Puzzle Problem, Bowling and Pizza Extravaganza
Jan 31, 2007 Vol. 5, No. 9: New book in Mathematical Statistics, Problem Inspired by a Red-tailed Hawk, Bowlizza
Feb 14, 2007 Vol. 5, No. 10: Statistics Showcase, Research Celebration, Math Teaching Opportunity in Ecuador
Feb 28, 2007 Vol. 5, No. 11: Hope Awarded 5-year REU Grant, Graduate School Panel.
Mar 14, 2007 Vol. 5, No. 12: Pi Day Celebration, Lower Michigan Math Competition, Infinitesimal Calculus Colloquium
Mar 28, 2007 Vol. 5, No. 13: Hyperreal number system, GVSU Art and Mathematics Lecture, LMMC
April 11, 2007 Vol. 5, No. 14: Problems, Puzzles and Pizza, Goldwater scholarship and Sigma Xi, Math Semester in Budapest.
April 25, 2007

Vol. 5, No. 15: Math Seniors and their plans after graduation

Volume 4: 2005-06 Academic Year





Sept 8, 2005 Vol. 4, No. 1: Root Beer Floats, Nathan Tintle, Faculty Vacations Archimedes
Sept 21, 2005 Vol. 4, No. 2: Stat. Career Day, Math Challenge, New Trig., Mt. Baldhead Challenge, GEMS book, Math in Media, Puns in Headlines
Oct 5, 2005 Vol. 4, No. 3: Poincare Colloquium, Jeopardy, Stat. Career Day, Math Challenge, Putnam, MUMC, Supreme Court
Oct 19, 2005 Vol. 4, No. 4: Jeopardy, 100 digit problem, REU, Ant problem, Skiing Magazine

Nov 2, 2005

Vol. 4, No. 5: MUMC, MATH Challenge, Student Colloquium, AIDS Colloquium, Jeopardy Results, Genesis, Triangle problem

Nov 16, 2005 Vol. 4, No. 6: Pew Conference, REU, Bug problem, Shannon Limit, The Klein Four Group
Jan 18, 2006 Vol. 4, No. 7: Undergrad Research Celebration, REU, Chaos talk, Math Modeling Comp., Largest Prime, Sudoku.
Feb 1, 2006 Vol. 4, No. 8: Undergrad Research Celebration, REU, Stats Showcase, Math in Action, Polynomial talk, Ground Hog Day
Feb 22, 2006 Vol. 4, No. 9: Pebbling and Escher Colloquia, REU, Bowling & Pizza, Math Major Musings, Paths on Box Problem
Mar 8 , 2006 Vol. 4, No. 10: Dynamical Systems Colloquium, LMMC, Math Major Musings, Tiling Problem, Pi Day
Mar 29 , 2006

Vol. 4, No. 11: Actuary, Math Ecology, Yoda, Biostatistics, and Marketing Research Colloquia, Math Major Musings, GRE Prep

Apr 12 , 2006 Vol. 4, No. 12: Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, Algebraic Topology, and RCA Research Colloquia, Klein Four, LMMC, Poem
Apr 26 , 2006 Vol. 4, No. 13: Graduating Seniors, Student Awards, Math Major Musings, Statistics Research Colloquium

Volume 3: 2004-05 Academic Year





Sept 8, 2004

Vol. 3, No. 1: Students attend conference: win award, LMMC results, Matt Boelkins, Gauss

Sept 22, 2004

Vol. 3, No. 2: 2004 Summer research student reports, MATH Challenge-Putnam, Poincaré

Oct 6, 2004

Vol. 3, No. 3: Math Ed summer research, MUMC, MATH Challenge, Len Adleman

Oct 20, 2004

Vol. 3, No. 4: Problems & Pizza, Statistical Genetics, Pi on a computer, Ramanujan

Nov 3, 2004

Vol. 3, No. 5: Ice cream, MUMC, Tutors needed, Garfield, parabola picture

Nov 17, 2004

Vol. 3, No. 6: Ice cream, Pew, Oak Ridge, bisecting a triangle, MathDL website

Dec 1, 2004

Vol. 3, No. 7: Statistics colloquia, Murphy’s Law, periodic table, Lobachevsy & Hardy

Jan  19, 2005

Vol. 3, No. 8: Math in Action, NUMB3RS, Google calculator, Baseball & Hausdorff colloquia

Feb 2, 2005

Vol. 3, No. 9: Undergraduate Research, Bowling Pizza, Venus Flytrap, Stats showcase

Feb 23, 2005 Vol. 3, No. 10: Summer Research Opportunities, Path Length and Binomial Colloquia, Shigefumi Mori
Mar 9, 2005 Vol. 3, No. 11: LMMC sign up, GRE info, Max Zorn, Sprialing Colloquium
Mar 30, 2005 Vol. 3, No. 12: Penrose and icosahedron colloquia, Grad School Info, Stefan Banach
April 13, 2005 Vol. 3, No. 13: Escher and elliptical curves colloquia, Math Forum POTW, LMMC saga, Francesco Severi, phi, book sale
April 29, 2005 Vol. 3, No. 14: Graduates, senior, sophomore, and other awards, Prob. & Stat. book published, book sale


Volume 2: 2003-04 Academic Year



Sept  10, 2003

Vol. 2, No. 1:  New Faculty, Cut the Knot, Undergrad Conferences, MATH Challenge, Lunes

Sept 24, 2003

Vol. 2, No. 2:  GRE, Wikipedia, Undergrad Conferences, Famous Nonmathematicians

Oct 8, 2003

Vol. 2, No. 3: 100 digit problem, Math Jeopardy!, Penrose Tilings, Rubiks, NSF Fellowships

Oct 22, 2003

Vol. 2, No. 4: Tessellation and Derivative Colloquia, Jeopardy winners, 4-Color Problem

Nov 5, 2003

Vol. 2, No. 5: REU and Polynomial Colloquia,  Interesting  Numbers,  Fibonacci  Problem

Nov 19, 2003

Vol. 2, No. 6: MATH Challenge Champs, Turkey Surgery Problem, Archimedes' Laboratory

Jan 14, 2004

Vol. 2, No. 7: Faculty Awards, REU, Bowling-Pizza, Budapest Semester, Plus Magazine

Jan 28, 2004

Vol. 2, No. 8: Bowling results, Stats showcase, Elvis, REU, MMPC, Mathwright Library

Feb 11, 2004

Vol. 2, No. 9: Julia-Google, Pop-up Colloquium, Cardiods, Gibbs, Hankel, Hilbert

Feb 25, 2004

Vol. 2, No. 10: Minesweeper Colloquium, Packing M&M's, 7 UP, Cantor, Catenary

Mar 10, 2004

Vol. 2, No. 11: LMMC, Pi Day, Chomp Problem, Trifolium, Daniel Bernoulli

Mar 31, 2004

Vol. 2, No. 12: Putnam Results, Summer Research, Math Forum, GRE, Graph Pebbling

Apr 14, 2004

Vol. 2, No. 13: Alleman in Budapest, Math Awareness Month, Pi Mu Epsilon etc, LMMC

Apr 28, 2004

Vol. 2, No. 14: Senior and Sophomore Awards, Senior plans, Graduate Award


Volume 1: 2002-03 Academic Year



Sept 11, 2002

Vol. 1, No. 1: Welcome back, faculty summer activities, GRE information, art exhibit 

Sept 25, 2002

Vol. 1, No. 2: Math week, Math poetry, MATH Challenge, sabbatical projects, Kate Vance 

Oct 10, 2002

Vol. 1, No. 3: Math week, Math in the Movies, National Curve Bank, REU

Oct 23, 2002

Vol. 1, No. 4: Math week, Statistics Colloquium, Geometry Junkyard

Nov 6, 2002

Vol. 1, No. 5: Winning poems, Math Inverse Problems Colloquium, MacTutor History

Nov 20, 2002

Vol. 1, No. 6: Escher Colloquium, Shirt Sale, Math World, MATH Challenge Results

Jan 15, 2003

Vol. 1, No. 7: REU Funded, Virtual Polyhedra, Where's my Prof?

Jan 29, 2003

Vol. 1, No. 8: Rininger to go to Budapest, Summer research opportunities, Math Modeling Competition

Feb 19, 2003

Vol. 1, No. 9: Math Modeling Competition, Problems from the History of  Math, MUMC

Mar 5, 2003

Vol. 1, No. 10: LMMC, Torus and Klein Bottle Games, Calculus of Variations Colloquium

Mar 26, 2003

Vol. 1, No. 11: Fall 2003 classes, LEGO sculptures, New faculty, Putnam results

Apr 9, 2003

Vol. 1, No. 12: Dogs & Calculus, Math Awareness Month, Twin Primes, Pi Mu Epsilon Luncheon

Apr 23, 2003

Vol. 1, No. 13: Congrats Seniors, Award Winners, LMMC Champs, Poincare Conj., Math Puzzles