Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition

Awards Banquet – Saturday March 2, 2013

Hope College, Holland, MI



Banquet registration (online registration IS CLOSED)


The dinner will be served at your table with a choice of two entrées:  Chicken Dijonaise (A lightly dusted chicken breast served with shitake mushrooms, wild leeks and a mild Dijonaise sauce.  Served with yellow rice and vegetable medley of green beans, carrots and red pepper strips) and Herbed Sundried Tomato Ravioli – vegetarian (Sun dried tomato ravioli with fresh asparagus tips, sauteed portobello mushrooms, and freshly grated parmesan cheese finished with a trio of traditional sauces and served with house garlic bread).  Each dinner includes Salad, Bread, coffee, tea, and dessert (apple crisp).


Award winners should send a photo/activity list for the awards banquet to mmpc@hope.edu



·        2:30-3:10 PM Registration and welcome (Graves Hall)

·        3:14 PM “Fibonacci’s Garden” by Professor Matt Boelkins, GVSU (Graves Hall)

·        4:15 PM Poster session – “Great things you can do with a strong mathematics background” (Schaap Science Center Atrium)

·        5:15 PM Banquet (Haworth Inn and Conference Center)

·        6:00 PM Welcome by Dr. Moses Lee, Dean of the Division of Natural and Applied Sciences at Hope College

·        7:45 PM Closing remarks


Campus Map with Parking information.

Directions to Hope College


If you are interested in spending the weekend in Holland, some events can be found at http://holland.org

We recommend the Haworth Inn and Conference Center for those wishing to spend the night.  This is on the Hope College campus and is the site for the awards banquet.