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The Fifty-Seventh Annual
Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition

An Activity of the Michigan Section of the Mathematics Association of America

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Instructions 57th MMPC registration NOTE: if you need an email confirmation for the registration, the online system does not automatically do it please email me and I will create and send you one.

Registration IS NOW OPEN!!!!! - online registration is no longer open. If you need to make changes, etc. email me at (or with your school code in the subject line.

You may register your school and students for the MMPC by spreadsheet or with our online registration form. You can find your school code here.

In each case, we ask that you keep complete copies of all materials that you submit both for your records and to assist in resolving any problems that may arise.

Participation in the MMPC requires that your school designates the following individuals.

  • an MMPC Supervisor whose duties include:
    • communicating with the MMPC Director.
    • organizing and registering the student competitors, completing the registration forms carefully, and retaining a copy of all pages completed for your records.

Students will need to enter their student codes on their answer sheets on the day of the exam. It is extremely important that the codes on the registration form correspond to the codes on the students' answer sheets.

    • sending the registration forms together with the registration fees ($4 per student) as soon as possible. The official registration deadline is September 17th, but I can accommodate additions/subtractions until early on Sept 19.

This enables the exams to be sent in a timely fashion. Make checks payable to Hope College MMPC. Please do not send cash. Registration fees generally are non-refundable. Please send the checks to

Professor Stephanie Edwards
Department of Mathematics
Hope College

PO Box 9000
Holland, MI 49422-9000

  • a staff member to handle the exams.
    • Someone who is not involved in the teaching of mathematics to student competitors.
    • Someone who can securely store the exams in the school safe until the day authorized for the examination.
  • exam proctor(s).
    • one or more responsible adults to supervise the entire 100 minute exam session.


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