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MMPC Calculator Policy

In 1998-99 the Michigan Section of the MAA conducted a thorough review of the calculator policy for the Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition. After carefully analyzing recent MMPC Part I examinations and soliciting and weighing a variety of opinions and options, the Michigan Section Executive Committee adopted the policy of allowing calculators for Part I but not for Part II. In light of comments and suggestions from teachers administering the MMPC, the Executive Committee has clarified the language and adopted the following policy for the MMPC.

Any scientific or graphing calculator is permitted on Part I. Unacceptable machines include computers, PDAs, pocket organizers, cell phones and similar devices. All problems will be solvable with no more technology than a scientific calculator. The Exam Committee makes every effort to structure the test to minimize the advantage of a more powerful calculator.

No calculators or technology are permitted on Part II.

In particular, the TI-89 and TI-92, which were prohibited in the past, are allowed on Part I.


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